The electricity industry processes can be slow and arcane. Your registration is probably going through one of the following steps:

  1. Sign-up (10 mins): Make sure your post-code and other information is correct or else the Retailer may need to get in touch to clarify.

  2. Cooling Off (10 days): If you've switched retailers, it is a requirement that 10 days pass before the transfer is executed. It's in this period that your old retailer might get in touch to try to convince you to stay, or make you a better offer than your old plan. Hold firm! – if they had better plans available, why did they keep you on such a bad plan for so long?

  3. Meter Configuration change (could be 1-2 weeks): Some sites already have smart meters that are being operated as 'dumb meters'. Rather than communicate daily with the meter over 3G/4G, your energy provider has just been reading your meter manually every couple of months when the meter reader visits your street. Sometimes all that is needed is to switch-on the smart communications and register the changed reading type with the authorities.

  4. New smart meter (could be 4-6 weeks): If a new meter is required, the Retailer will need to schedule the metering company to send an electrician out to install and configure a new one. They are not fast, and some customers have had to wait up to 6 weeks.

Rest assured, once all these industry processes are sorted, Enosi will set up your account.

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