The Powertracer Platform receives smart metering data from solar farms, wind farms and generators, and energy consumers such as homes and businesses and applies a multi-tiered algorithm to match the two sides for every 30 minute period. This provides full traceability so that consumers can see exactly where their energy was generated. The buyers and sellers set and/or agree the prices offered, and when the match is made, Enosi determines the value of each trade. The Platform aggregates the value for each customer and provides the data to the retailer’s billing system to settle the trades on your electricity bill.

The Platform enables:

  • Deal Direct: Customers without the ability to install rooftop solar can buy energy directly from a participating solar or wind farm at wholesale prices. The renewable generator can improve their yield while the customers have a proven source of clean energy usually at less than normal retail prices.

  • Rooftop Direct: Customers can trade energy "peer-to-peer" across the grid. Anyone with rooftop solar can sell their power to others participating in the scheme.

  • Corporate Energy Plans: Organisations seeking to improve their overall sustainability outcomes can set up their own staff, customer or membership energy plans, using Powertracer to access wholesale energy deals in new ways. This extends the concept (and pricing) of the corporate Power Purchase Agreement to the staff or customers of the organisation - providing access to renewable power at lower prices for their employees and members.

  • Community Energy Sharing: Similar to corporate plans, community based energy alliances can aggregate their demand, buy direct from solar and wind farms and even trade with each other.

The delivery of these products through the Platform will revolutionise the energy market. Our model will hasten the uptake of renewable power wherever it is deployed.

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