If you need a smart meter, your retailer will confirm with you and arrange its installation. Once everything is in place, we will send you your Powertracer registration email.

The only real question is, do I join a Public or Community plan – which is the right one for me?

Public Plans

Public plans are available to everyone. If you want to start using and trading cleaner, cheaper energy, you can sign up to Powertracer on a public plan. This is offered by our retail energy partners Energy Locals and Next Business Energy.

Energy Locals

Head to save.energylocals.com.au/provider/powertracer and enter your postcode to join today.

The web site then guides you through the required information required to switch to the Energy Locals Powertracer plan.

Next Business Energy

To join Next Business Energy, head over to their website to request a bill comparison to start the signup process.

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